Simple Lighting Invest Significantly In New Mobile Website

One of the most respected domestic and commercial lighting specialists in the UK has just launched a new mobile website for their customers. It is hoped the move will encourage a boost in sales and ensure anyone who wants to purchase from the store can do so using any device they have at hand. Simple Lighting invested heavily in creating a domain that matches and exceeds their customer’s expectations. Anyone who needs lighting solutions for almost any application just needs to visit the new website and take a look at the items in stock.

Since 2009, the Wirral-based company has specialised in providing a comprehensive and increasing selection of innovative LED lighting, with over 9,000 LED strip, tape and outdoor lighting products currently available. The company also offers next day delivery for their customers, and that means nobody has to wait too much time for their purchases to arrive. The firm also provides an excellent returns policy, and so people who make mistakes when ordering their goods just need to get in touch and explain the situation before sending the incorrect item back.

Simple Lighting spends a lot of time and money researching and designing their product lines, and so it should come as no surprise the company has dedicated so much effort into creating the perfect website for their customers. The brand also stocks many products from external suppliers, and so there is something to suit every desire and taste. Alongside their dedication to providing some of the best lighting solutions on the market, Simple Lighting also employs a vast team of experts with years of experience in the industry. Those professionals are on-hand all the time to offer advice and guidance to customers based on their knowledge.

At the current time, Simple Lighting focuses their attention on the following product categories:

– LED Lighting
– LED Tape
– LED Strip Lights
– Kitchen Lighting
– Under Cabinet Lighting
– Ceiling Lights
– Decorative Home Lighting

However, the company expands every year and adds a wealth of new products to their range. So, if customers need something that doesn’t fit those categories, it’s still sensible to take a look at the website.

Thanks to this most recent investment by Simple Lighting, customers can now search the items in stock, make their purchase, and arrange delivery in a matter of minutes using only their smartphones or tablets. Will the company continue to remain at the forefront of digital technology in the future? Well, with their track record and this latest investment in mind, that seems likely.

Anyone who wants to learn more about Simple Lighting and the products they sell just needs to visit the website or use the contact information at the bottom of this press release. There is always someone around to answer the phones during working hours, and the team aims to reply to all customer correspondence as quickly as possible. Simple Lighting is the number one lighting supplier in the UK. Don’t overlook them any longer!

Chris Bawden
Company: Simple Lighting
Address: 18 Appin Road, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 9HH, UK
Phone: 03334432465



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