Scary Maze Game Spending Time For Great Fun

The Scary Maze Game is a deceptively simple, yet challenging free to play flash game, that is wildly popular. Why this might be a curious thing, the reasons are equally simple. It looks easy, making it easy to begin playing, yet it provides a challenge for hand and eye coordination. Many people become addicted to trying to guide the little target point from start to finish, because after the 3rdlevel it does become increasingly a difficult task.

There is another reason that people like this maze game though, aside from the personal challenge of playing it. It is widely used to prank others who have not heard of it. This is possible because the game looks innocent enough from the start, and it is only once the game gets to be more difficult that the scary part comes into it. This element often causes screams and other reactions that people find to be funny. Even those who are pranked with this game tend to get hooked to playing it, and will seek out other versions once the have mastered the first one.

The Scary Maze Game is also attractive because like most other flash based games it is free to play. It is hosted on a number of websites, and links can easily be traded across different media. Since the graphics are simple on it, it can be played on a wide range of machines, from the PC to the smart phone. These traits only serve to make players even more addicted to it. The addiction tends to make others talk about it, share it across social media sites, and even create variations of it with different themes. It is not that the game is particularly hard, or even overly easy. Unlike some other games it has nothing to do with luck, instead relying on the player’s skill.

It has been said that the Scary Maze Game is a game of concentration and focus. The game itself is designed to test how much focus someone has, and that is the challenge of it. Even people who do not like computer games tend to enjoy this maze game because of how it challenges them. Some players go so far as to call this simple game “epic”. That is something you have to decide for yourself after you play it. One thing is for sure, this simple game spun out of fast paced arcade games, and still require superior hand-eye coordination, concentration and focus.

How does one play the Scary Maze Game? Move the target dot from the start to finish across the screen, without touching the walls using the mouse. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It might be if you didn’t have the walls there telling you where you could or could not move the pointer. Touching the walls will cause you to lose the game and start over. Each level becomes progressively harder and more challenging.

Once you get through a few levels, strange things will start to happen. This is where your concentration will be challenged, because you are still limited in where the pointer goes. Having your concentration broken will send you back to the beginning. If you enjoy a challenge and like to be surprised then the
Scary Maze Game is a delightful game to play and share with your friends.

The Author loves playing flash games and one of his favorites is the scary maze game.

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