Save Time And Money With DIY Flat Screen TV Mounting

In today’s technological advanced world, over 70% of US households report having a flat screen TV as their primary television set. With so many turning to this type of device for viewing a variety of television channels and movies on a large scale, mounting these types of televisions onto walls is also becoming popular. With the thin design and sleek look, mounting flat screens give households a cleaner and more professional look.

For many though, mounting a flat screen can be expensive as well as a difficult task. A flat screen TV mount can run anywhere from $50 to well over $100 at many well-known retail stores across the country. There are some simple do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions to this problem that will save many both time and money.

Build a DIY Mount

Flat screen TV mounting doesn’t have to be an expensive solution to making one’s TV stand out in a room. With a few inexpensive supplies, building a mount can be accomplished even by a novice. The first step in making a DIY flat screen TV mount is to purchase some basic equipment such as unistrut and piping. By screwing the unistrut onto the back of a television with some screws, bolts, and nuts and then attaching a black pipe to it, one can get the same results of an expensive TV mount for nearly half the price.

DIY Mounting

The next step in flat screen TV mounting is to hang the mount. By knowing some simple DIY tips for hanging, paying a professional to do the job is unnecessary. The first thing one need to know before starting the process is the exact weight of both the TV and mount. Depending on the weight of both of these, one will know just what type of screws and anchors to install. These products can be purchased at any hardware store and are fairly inexpensive.

After one has the proper screws and anchors, one must determine if there is a stud already in the wall to hang the mount on. A stud can be found with a simple stud finder, a product that can also be purchased at any local hardware store. If no stud is found, one can simply drill pilot holes and insert the anchors in them in order to hold the bolts down.

Securing the Process

The final step in flat screen TV mounting is to hang the TV on the wall and make sure everything is properly secure. One can ensure their TV is secure by gently pulling on the mount. Many experts do advice that even though the TV mounts may feel secure the first time it is checked, after a couple of hours the TV could begin to fall. It is highly recommended that after hanging the TV and mount that one leaves it alone for at least two hours and then returns to assure it is still secured in place.

Creating one’s own DIY flat screen TV mount is a relatively simple and inexpensive process. With the right tools and knowledge, anyone can both build and hang their own TV mount in a matter of hours. If this seems too much work, then a professional service can also easily mount your TV for you. For more information, please visit:

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