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Grapes of Bordeaux, world famous wine producing grapes, are threatened by climate change.

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“Pessimistic scenario shows that by 2050, climate of Bordeaux will not be favorable to Cabernet and Merlot type grapes” said Jean-Pascal Goutouly, researcher at the National Institute for Agricultural Research in France. The two types of grapes are essential for producing the most popular wines of the region.

Climate changes what will take place in Bordeaux involves minimum temperatures higher than now and more droughts in summer. This will lead to early ripening grapes and vines will not get enough water during critical maturation.

As a result, the grapes will not have the same flavor, and wines will not benefit from the delicate balance between acidity, sugar and tannins that allow them to become better with the years.
However, French experts are optimistic. “If we beat phylloxera, which destroyed all the vines every five years, we can adapt to climate change” they say.

One solution that growers will use is the clones – subtle variations of existing species – which is not called in the past because was ripening too late.

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