Safety Tips for Using an Electric Heater

We all know that electricity is the safest way to fuel our heaters during winter time. In spite of its safe track record, however, you must bear in mind that electric heaters do come with inherent risks. Although electric heaters do not pose the problem of the “silent killer” of carbon monoxide poisoning, they do rely on electricity which can pose a potential issue of electric shock. This is particularly true if electric heaters are used near places of water.

In the past few decades, health and safety regulations have reduced the chances of injury or death as a result of using an electric heater. In particular, manufacturers are required to use safe materials like extra covering for wires that help insulate and prevent fire. Moreover, circuit breakers these days do a great job preventing electrical fire from an overloaded panel.

In spite of these safety measures, however, electric space heaters still lead to a spate of accidents and even death each winter. Instead of electrocution, fire is the leading danger of electrical heaters. Fires can break out when an element malfunctions or if a consumer is careless with their heater. In particular, fires can occur when residents allow cloth or material to touch the hot heater. This happens if the heater is placed too close to drapes or curtains or if it is accidentally tipped over. These dangers related to electric heaters not only cause injury and death, but also cost millions of dollars in property damage each year.

To prevent such accidents from occurring, it is critical that the electric heater be placed away from any and all furnishings. This is the number one thing to do to prevent fire from breaking out. To be safe, therefore, keep the heater away from all furniture and accessories in your home.

Curtains pose the biggest problem. Because many homeowner place their heaters around the edges of their rooms, odds are pretty good that the heater will be near curtains. This is a very dangerous place to put your heater and house fires that begin with curtains are very common in the winter time.

Items made of paper are also highly flammable. It is important to keep newspapers and books away from the electric heater. Also, many items of clothing are highly flammable. It is important to keep all textiles and material away from electric heaters.

Finally, water is perhaps the most dangerous substance to have around an electric heater. This is particularly important when using an electric heater in the bathroom. Make sure that you are aware of all of the safety features of your electric bathroom heater and take caution when there is water in the bathroom.

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