Rotational Molding Leader Unveils Rotomolding Video Website

Rotational Molding Company Granger Plastics launches a rotational molding website featuring video of the process. is a website dedicated to educating those interested in rotational molding as well as assist potential customers in deciding if this process is right for their product. Rotational molding videos give an inside look into the tooling, machinery and manufacturing process Granger Plastics utilizes.

Many potential customers exploring plastic for the materialization of their products often thinks all plastic processes are the same. Rotational molding, also known as rotomolding, has specific advantages that are most beneficial to particular types of products. Specifically rotationally molded products have an extremely long life span and durability. Rotational molding also allows more control over wall thickness as well as the ability to include inserts or pre-fabricated elements to the part. Another benefit for some manufacturing companies is that rotationally molded parts are able to be produced in smaller runs and have considerably less expensive tooling costs. For many products these advantages make rotational molding the best suited manufacturing process.

Rotational molding videos give a deeper visual insight into the actual steps a product goes through to be manufactured. Granger Plastics also evaluates each new customers project to make design and tooling recommendations. Customers can gain valuable information from visiting this rotational molding website as they explore rotomolding as a manufacturing option. For more information about rotational molding or to watch rotational molding videos visit .

Granger Plastics is a division of Granger Industries. Granger Industries also includes ForeverSafe Products and Granger Aerospace Products. Granger Plastics Company is a world recognized rotational molder manufacturing a variety of custom and proprietary products. To learn more about Granger Plastics Company please visit or contact us at 513-424-1955. To learn more about Granger Industries please visit .

Julius is a expert in the field of Rotational Molding.  Julius has provided expertise and professional direction to a number of Rotomolded projects ranging from Storm Shelters, Tanks, Laundry Carts and more.  Julius also brings a diverse background of cellular manufacturing to one of the worlds leading Plastics Companys, Granger Plastics.  Recently, Julius has completed an overhaul of a website dedicated to Rotational Molding Videos

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