Find the Best Name for Your Business

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Your domain name has an impact on the value of your website. The best domain names are those that are easy to remember. The fewer syllables or words that make up the domain the better.

Make it easier to remember. Try to get a domain name that is made up of highly searched terms. Make sure it is not confusing and relates to what you are offering. If you can, get one with a ring to it. A name that is not easy to forget. Use a name that is easily spelled. Long names that are hard to spell such as “entrepreneur” make it harder for people searching the internet to spell it correctly., Domain Names, Domains, Hosting

If you can use your business name for your domain name, that is a big plus. If your business name is already taken, try a name that describes something close to what your business does.

The .com domain name is still the most popular and valuable. It makes it seem that you have been on the Internet a long time. .com renewal is often cheaper than the other endings. Some of the other endings can be expensive. If your chosen domain name is not available with a .com ending, try variations on what you want it to say, but still use the .com ending. It may be difficult, frustrating and take a good amount of time find what you want.

If you are planning to make serious money on your website, you may consider buying a domain from someone else. This can be expensive but if you plan to be around for a long time it may well be worth it.

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