The role of a lawyer is threefold: to advise, represent and defend his client. Its functions are not limited to litigation, so its assistance can be requested outside of any legal proceedings (drafting a contract for the sale of a business, advising on a legal point, preparing a case in advance when a conflict is in the making, negotiating with the other party, etc.)

In the event of a dispute before the courts, the lawyer will, in particular, draw up your case file (including the various documents produced), draw up his or her opinion and present oral argument, which consists of the oral presentation of the parties ‘ claims and arguments at the hearing. He can defend you on the basis of both substantive (factual) and procedural (nullity, limitation, etc.) pleas…). Depending on the judgment and the perspectives related to the description of the file, your lawyer will be able to advise you on the advisability of appealing to have your case reviewed by another court.

Selection criteria
Your lawyer is free to choose from. It can be done in a number of ways, starting with a consultation with those around you and your network of contacts, who will eventually be able to advise you. Alternatively, it is possible to consult the list of lawyers located near you which is available in most town halls or within the courthouse or the offices of the Bar Association. Searches can also be conducted on the Internet, as many law firms have their own websites.

The number of the lawyer’s fees may vary significantly depending on the lawyer’s awareness, the time he or she may have spent on your case, or the nature of the case and the financial stakes involved. These costs may also be determined in advance (on an hourly or fixed-rate basis) or calculated as a percentage of the sums obtained as a result of the judgment. Their amount may be negotiated between the lawyer and the client. Under certain conditions, it is possible to apply for legal aid.

In addition to the number of fees, other criteria must also be taken into account in the choice of your lawyer, such as the nature of his / her specialization, his / her areas of preference or his / her expertise.

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