Republicans In California and also the Latino Vote Considered

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Some say that the Mexican American or Latino American voters will win the Democrats the White Residence. I wonder if that may be correct. Very first, the Latino culture is among a extended culture is dominated by males. Males who are in-charge of their families like robust guys, not weak ones – Trump might be thought of an Alpha Male in all regards. Hilary Clinton is a white woman, not a Latino woman. Not positive if her lady status qualifies her as one thing particular, it may well even hurt her with that voting block a little.

Next, most Latinos are Catholics and Hillary Clinton is often a “progressive” – effectively, actually she is actually a European Socialist, but claims “progressive” title. Socialism is not truly all that progressive, it really is mainly regressive, as we watch nations like Greece, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Venezuela come under serious financial strife for their previous socialist policies.

Nonetheless, with all the media telling everyone that Hillary is going to get the Hispanic Vote hands down, one has to wonder if the Republicans even possess a possibility. The New York Occasions had an intriguing political hit piece on Republicans recently immediately after the California 2016 main; “Just How Poor an Election Evening Was It for California Republicans?” by Adam Nagourney and Jenifer Medina published on June 8, 2016. The report stated:

“The major Tuesday in California handed victories to Donald J. Trump on the Republican side and Hillary Clinton around the Democratic side. Nevertheless it was also a reminder of what negative shape the state’s Republican Celebration is in. No Republican drew enough votes to qualify for the runoff for an open United states of america Senate seat this fall; the contest will function only Democratic candidates.”

The issue with Republicans and Latino Voters in CA is uncomplicated. The Democrats keep promising them stuff and the Latino Voters hold taking them up on it. Even if the Dems can’t provide, the promises sound good. This really is extremely similar towards the political rhetoric in Mexico, and those former Mexican citizens, now American Citizens have observed adequate of that to understand they are being lied to. Republicans just refuse to lie towards the Latino Voters. Who loses, not the Republicans, actually the Latino Voters lose simply because they may be getting played – because the Dems attempt to purchase votes with income that isn’t theirs.

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