7322How to wear unique pieces of handcrafted jewellery

If you have a piece of unique handcrafted jewellery that you would like to show off to their best advantage you have to know the right outfit to wear it with. If you have a stunning piece of jewellery you do not want to overpower the unique design with the clothes that you are wearing.

When you are choosing an outfit to wear and the accessories that you are going to team up with it, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and ring you have to decide which you want to be the one that gets noticed the most, the outfit or the handcrafted jewellery. If it is the unique jewellery you want to show case then you have to keep the outfit simple both in designs and style. You do not want a busy pattern on the dress or too many frills and flounces as this will completely detract the attention away from the unusual jewellery design.

A simple stylish and elegant black dress is the perfect back drop to most pieces of handcrafted jewellery and if you think of it as being like framing a picture you would not choose to frame a beautiful and intricate picture with an ornate frame. You also have to consider the style of the dress and especially the neck line. If it is an off the shoulder designed dress there are many necklace designs that will suit this style and you could also wear a matching jewellery set of matching earrings and necklace. A Victorian style choker necklace with long chandelier earrings would look wonderful for that special event or even a simple necklace of pearls with matching earrings will add elegance and style and be shown at their best.

If your dress has a v necklace then long elegant pendants will suit this style beautifully and if it is a sweet heart neckline then a necklace that is around 18 inches will suit this design and at this length it could be a chunky statement piece. It can also be a large cuff bracelet that you want to wear and with this you will need short or ¾ sleeves to show it at its best advantage. Black is a great colour to frame most pieces of handcrafted jewellery but other colours can work beautifully with your collection of semi-precious jewellery.

If your pieces of jewellery is a Turquoise designs set in sterling silver try wearing it with very dark blue colour and watch the metal shine and the lovely sky blue colour of the semi-precious Turquoise will look stunning. Other stones that will look beautiful against dark blue are Amazonite, Aquamarine, Blue lace Agate and the pretty pink of Rose Quartz. The natural stone Rose Quartz also looks its best when it is set against colours of deep red, purple and lilac. The lovely golden brown of Tigers Eye looks good against soft colours like beige, soft green and pale blue. Jade comes in different shades of green and this lovely semi-precious stone looks amazing when it is set against browns and also deep green colours.

If you have a large statement piece and you want it to be shown at its best advantage it can be worn over a polo necklace jumper and this can be used as a back drop to unique and original piece of handcrafted jewellery. If the piece has been crafted from sterling silver a dark coloured jumper will be perfect to showcase this design.

If rings are your favourite piece of handcrafted jewellery then you have to make sure that your hands are at their best as the ring will draw attention to them. Your nails have to be manicured and no chipped nail polish as any pieces of stunning jewellery will draw attention to where it is placed.

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