Recruiters Opting For Premium Job Posting With JobiSite Get Their Jobs Posted In Multiple Job Boards

(November 04, 2017) – JobiSite offers free job posting facility for recruiters. However, premium job posting service is also offered by this company. When they choose this service, recruiters can enjoy a wide range of facilities.

For instance, when they opt for premium job posting service, they can ensure that their job posting will appear in the first positions when job seekers search for job positions suitable for them. With this service, recruiters will also get the help of a virtual assistant from JobiSite for their postings.

Further, one of the important benefits associated with Premium job posting service is that recruiters can get their job posted on multiple job boards. They will have to pay just a minimal amount for this service. The amount charged is very less when compared to many other job boards.

With this service, the jobs of recruiters will get their posts shared in multiple aggregators, job boards, and social networks. With this service, recruiters will also gain full resume access, social sharing and more exposure at JobiSite.

One of the recruiters named Deanna Seth states “Started using Jobisite premium job ads this year and very happy with the service and result.”

About JobiSite:
JobiSite besides helping recruiters with an excellent set of features in job posting also helps job seekers in finding the right job suitable for their skills.

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