Put Some Olé in your Day: Barcelona’s Best Flamenco

Spain is widely known for its beautiful flamenco dancing which has evolved from an ancient tradition into a modern art form. Today, locals and holidaymakers adore watching professionals perform all over the country, but Barcelona in particular is home to some fantastic venues where high-quality, authentic flamenco is on show.


Originating in the south of Spain, the iconic dance was formerly set to singing and hand-clapping rather than the musical instruments of today. It has also evolved into a more technical style of dance, as artists often go through intensive training before they can perform. Historically, flamenco was taught by friends or relatives and passed down through generations.

The dance was, and still is, known to be highly emotive and associated mostly with romance or entertainment. Usually the dancers are encouraged to use facial expressions to portray the desired emotion of the routine, and they also kick their feet or snap their castanets (small handheld percussion instruments) for a similar effect.

The Best Barcelona Venues

Whether they’re hidden down secluded streets or positioned right at the heart of the city, flamenco venues in Barcelona consistently provide authentic performances.

•The Palacio del Flamenco

This theatre-like venue is the ideal place to enjoy flamenco at its finest. It seats 380 people on three levels around a large elevated stage, and is also equipped with high-quality speakers and screens. This location has everything you’ll need for a truly immersive experience. The atmosphere is wonderfully lively and the service is always excellent.

•Tablao Flamenco Cordobés

Open since the 1970s and located on the famous Las Ramblas Boulevard, this is a small venue providing visitors with outstanding traditional flamenco performances. Without using microphones or any other modern technology, the performers create a unique, intimate ambience alongside their unmistakably authentic movements– it’s no wonder that this is one of Barcelona’s most popular tablaos (places where these particular shows are performed).

•Los Tarantos

If you prefer a more modern scene but still want to experience the traditional dance style, this is the perfect place. Unlike other tablaos, the décor fits in with the city’s contemporary culture and is located just upstairs from the Jamboree Jazz Club – a huge bonus for music lovers. Los Tarantos is also a great place to enjoy Barcelona’s nightlife, but despite its buzzing ambience, it never fails to stay true to tradition when it comes to dance.

How to Get There

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