Apps That Will Appeal to Anyone Visiting Barcelona

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Barcelona is the city that has it all. Fantastic architecture, world-class drinks and dining, historic and cultural sites… not to mention huge amounts of art, sport and culture! Although many tourists arriving in Barcelona airport transfer to the city centre to experience the history of this beautiful place, there are plenty of modern conveniences that will make your time in town that little bit better.

Apps have changed so many aspects of how we travel that a place like Barcelona was always going to be ahead of the pack in terms of innovation. Read on to find out more.

BCN Paisatge

In a city like this, known for its architectural splendour, this is one app you won’t want to be without. The intuitive design allows you to wander freely through the famous streets while giving you interesting information about buildings and subtle design features in the cityscape. Interactivity is key here, as the app allows you to set the agenda for your architectural tour.

Like all of the apps mentioned in this article, the Paisatge app is compatible with iOS and Android.

Pocket Guide

If you’ve just taken your Barcelona airport transfer and can hardly wait to get started seeing what the city has to offer, then the Barcelona Pocket Guide is for you. Just like Paisatge it lets you interact with the app as you walk along the intriguing routes through the city. Listen along to your own personal audio guide as it tells you about the landmarks as you pass them!

Smart City Guide

The JiTT Barcelona Smart City Guide gives you another option for your sightseeing tour. Like both of the above apps, it gives you information in real time as you walk the celebrated streets. Set your start position, the desired length of your tour and select the landmarks you want to see, and it’ll recommend a route that you can alter however you wish. The control is in your hands.

An App-etite

Another star attraction in the city is its food. The dining options are so numerous it can sometimes be a headache to just decide where to go! Kviar provides special member benefits to its users, recommending tried and tested restaurants all over town. Apply for the app on the website if you want to take a look before your trip. It might get you so hungry that you have your Barcelona airport transfer take you right to the restaurant!

How to Get There

After arriving at Barcelona Airport, transfer to the city via a pre-booked shuttle and let the technological fun begin. Pre-booking your transfer service will allow you to enjoy your journey without any stress, meaning you can focus on the more important things – seeing the sights!

This is a place that has something for everyone, and now that so many of the region’s best and most interesting sights are just a click away, there’s no reason to delay that trip any longer. Bring your phone and your sense of adventure and see what awaits!

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