Proven Success – 5 Reasons To Buy A Franchise

Everyone should know the unique joy of owning a business at least once in their lifetime. Whether it’s a freelancing job that allows you to earn money while working from home, or a small coffee shop that requires more time spent networking with the public, the pride of ownership is beyond compare. Sure, owning your own business comes with a great deal of responsibility, dedication and effort, but anything worth having is worth working for, right?

Starting a business from scratch is especially tough in today’s economy where most people gravitate towards brands they know and trust. Sad but true, people looking for a convenient spot to mail a package are more likely to search for the post office, or the UPS store before seeking out an independent third-party. That’s just one reason why you might want to look into buying a franchise compared to going the independent route.

Consider Franchising

Brand Recognition Starbucks, 7 Eleven, AAMCO, Kinderdance, and Super 8 are just a few of the hundreds of brands available for franchising. You can still maintain the mom-and-pop feel you’re looking for, simply select a brand that embraces the family values you wish to bring to your business and the community.

Something For Every Budget Some franchises can be started for under $100 and be up and running within a week’s time. Something bigger, like an Einstein Bros., might cost a bit more and take longer to open to the public. Then there’s plenty of other options in between, for any budget and schedule. You just need to do a little bit of research to see which option is best for your particular goals.

Support From Home Maintaining the integrity of a trusted brand name is important to your home office. Which is why many trusted brands provide regular training updates and other forms of support to keep your branch consistent with the rest of the chain. Passing this support along to your staff and team members keeps customers happy.

Rapid ROI People are creatures of habit. When traveling to a new place, the majority of people will gravitate towards a trusted name like Dunkin Donuts. Having the backing of a recognized brand on your side means people are more likely to visit your location and take advantage of your product. Most independent businesses survive because of a loyal following of locals and years of building a reputation. If you’re looking to make back your initial investment quickly, then a franchise could be your best option.

Pride of Ownership Owning your own business carries with it a sense of accomplishment and achievement. Being able to share the responsibility of maintaining a business with friends and family creates a feeling of unity and success, it also passes along important leadership lessons to the members of your staff and crew.

The Names You Trust The Brands You Love

Hospitality, sports, fitness, personal growth, restaurants, automotive, and technology support are just a few of the franchise opportunities that exist. Is your neighborhood lacking a Yum Yum Donuts? Why not open your own and share your passion for donuts with everyone. You can stand around and chat with customers all day, sipping coffee and recommending the freshest pastries without getting into trouble you’re the boss!

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