Pros and Cons of Using Magnetic Clasps

Magnetic clasps are very important for use with jewelry. Actually, most of the women who are fond of wearing necklaces and earrings only make purchase once they are sure there is a clasp made of magnetic metal. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages that come with using such clasps and you need to know about that to ensure you make informed choices. The two aspects will be discussed in this article for your information.


The ease in putting on magnetic clasps is one of the biggest advantages that you will enjoy. You don’t have to put in more of your effort in having the clasps hold together. You just need to bring both ends close to each other and they will hold off firmly. You will require a few seconds to accomplish that flawlessly. When taking off the clasps, it will be even easier than putting on. This simple reason encourages many women to put on rings since nobody would want to spend more time on such a simple accomplishment.

Magnetic clasps are not too demanding when it comes to maintenance and general care. It has been a common discouragement for many women who would want to wear rings but can’t since some demand a lot of care. With these clasps made of magnetic metal, you will just need to wipe them out for any dust that settles on them and nothing much. Cleaning them can be once in a while since its dirt is not very much visible. Take note that magnets should not come too close into contact with water because it dilutes its power.

Magnetic metal is very durable and it’s another of the pros that you can look up to. Your clasps will remain useful and relevant for a long period without wearing out quickly. The price might be high but that is all because of the quality guarantee. You will always get affordable clasps in the market and still enjoy high quality.


Just like anything else, magnetic clasps have their downsides apart from the positives. It is something you must be prepared to do with since it’s inevitable. The magnetic power of the clasps might come in handy when least expected. For instance, you will have them getting stuck to many metallic materials that have nothing to do with your rings. It will obviously frustrate you big time. At times, you will get inconvenienced just because your metallic ring has stuck to places of no interest to you.

Even though it’s an advantage given the clasps get off easily, you will not be happy with the rate at which it happens. You will find yourself spending a lot of time picking up the clasps or even suffer the danger of being snatched away by other people. What if it falls down and breaks? You will get it tough fixing the clasps back in place and it’s a challenge you must be ready to deal with. Make sure you consider all that when shopping at Pandahall.

The use of magnetic clasps comes with both the advantages and disadvantages. These are the things that you must put into consideration whenever shopping at Pandahall or any other place. It will definitely give you the guarantee of choosing the right clasps that you will have no reservations about in future.

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Author: Aronno Bhowmick