Property Refurbishment In Kensington

Mention property refurbishment Kensington, and the discussion will turn immediately to the most discussed refurbishment project in central London: updating Kensington Palace for William, Kate and George. Although one refers to Apartment 1A as their residence, the “apartment” is really 4 floors and 21 rooms of living space for the new royal family as well as staff quarters, entertainment and garden space.

Your Kensington apartment 1A may be a little more austere, but if it, too, is in need of refurbishment, take a clue from William and Kates lead. And take heart that your bill will probably not be a £1m fee.

Cost of refurbishment is always a concern. Some budgets will afford more than others. If your budget will allow the £1m, consider that your apartment is not likely the size of Kensington Palace, but size is only relative considering what can be done in smaller spaces to absorb that kind of budget.

On the other likely hand, your budget is a bit less, but it can still reap benefit for you. Just remember that virtually every pound invested in refurbishment is likely to be returned when you sell your space. Meanwhile, you have the advantage of updated fixtures and appliances, new paint or wallpaper, new floor treatment and maybe a complete room changeover to a new purpose.

The best property refurbishment project will begin with a detailed analysis of what the project will cost; prepare a budget and avoid exceeding it unless your available funds will cover changes during the process. However, if your project will require structural changes to your space, be certain before you begin that your design is structurally sound and that it truly represents your wishes. Structural changes, once begun, are expensive to restore or modify.

What a refurbishment will look like depends on your ability to visualize a new space. If necessary, make sketches of your ideas. Today, with the availability of Photoshop-type applications, you can take a digital photo of the existing condition and manipulate that photo to help bring your ideas to life.

If your refurbishment is a simple as changing wall color with paint or wallpaper, graphically visualizing these changes is relatively easy to do. With regard to paint, you are no longer limited to what your paint store may have in stock. Now, if you have a design element in your furniture or accessories that you would like to draw out to put on the walls, with a sample of the fabric or other source material, a color match in paint can be duplicated.

If you are planning a complete refurbishment of a room, but will keep some furniture and accessories, make sure your changes and retained features are compatible together. Even though radical changes like making a modern design theme while keeping a period piece of furniture often work well together, be certain of the compatibility.

Your property refurbishment project will be successful if you plan ahead with a proper budget, visualize and develop the final appearance, and are certain the finished results reflect good design sense if you are mixing design elements rather than maintaining a singular theme.

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