Play the King of the Jungle in these Rainforest Retreats

Journeying into the jungle and experiencing all it has to offer – the sounds, smells and the sights – is the dream of many adventurous travellers. That is why I have put together a list of three of my favourite jungle lodges across the globe. These sites are incredibly well situated, they are respectful of their environment and they are run by knowledgeable and passionate people. Each lodge listed below has something truly special to offer, from chimp tracking to unique excursions, that separates it from other options out there.

Greystoke Mahale, Tanzania

This isolated jungle lodge is tucked away below the Mahale Mountains. With access to a private lake beach and the expansive forest, this beautiful location offers nature lovers the ideal escape from the modern world. Winding tracks lead to waterfalls and natural rock pools, perfect for an afternoon swim.

However, the main attraction at Greystoke is chimp tracking. Head out with expert chimp trackers, following the sounds and signals of the chimps before suddenly being surrounded by the characterful animals. Plenty of time is given to guests, sitting quietly and watching, to observe the chimps, their routines, their mannerisms and the way they interact with one another. Staying at Greystone offers a unique opportunity to experience chimps in the wild playing, eating, grooming and communicating.

Borneo Rainforest Lodge, Borneo

The Borneo Rainforest Lodge offers visitors a comfortable base with stunning views across the river and into the jungle. Borneo’s rainforest habitat is full of fascinating creatures, from pygmy elephants to gibbons. A real highlight of your stay at the Rainforest Lodge will be going on a treetop canopy walk. This consists of a series of walkways and viewing platforms suspended between fifteen and twenty metres high. Though the tallest trees are over half as tall as this again, the walkway is nestled in the canopy giving unparalleled views down into the jungle and across the canopy. Here you get a fresh experience of a rainforest which has existed for over 130 million years.

Masoala Forest Lodge, Madagascar

Masoala Forest Lodge is a little more basic than the other camps mentioned here. However, you will be blissfully separated from sun-seeking tourists as the lodge has a maximum capacity of just fourteen guests and can only be accessed on foot or by boat. The main draw to Masala is their incredible range of excursions, including forest walks where you will see an astonishing range of flora and fauna. Maoala also offers snorkelling, kayaking and boat trips and have built a strong relationship with the local Malagasy community who show guests how they live sustainably.

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With all of your preparations in place, get ready for the rainforest adventure of a lifetime!

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