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When you are looking at phone and broadband packages it is best to look at some of the frequently asked questions on review and comparison sites. The reason for this is that many of the questions that you have, someone else will likely have asked as well. When you view these questions you will save time not looking up information that is readily available. This cuts down the overall time you spend searching for the best phone and broadband deals. It also helps you understand exactly what you can get from them.

What Phone and Broadband Packages are Available in Your Area?
The first question that most people ask is what packages they can get in their area. There is one way that you can find out for sure what you are able to get. This is by using a broadband postcode checker. Such tools are available on the broadband providers website and many comparison websites.

The broadband postcode checker will provide you with a listing of all the phone and broadband deals in your area. If there is an aspect of the deal that you are unable to get then the deal will not appear in your list. This mainly concerns fibre optics, as only just over half of the country can get this type of broadband.

What are Broadband Bundles?
There are a lot of terms used in the broadband industry, and ‘bundle is one of them. Many people become confused when faced with the option of broadband versus broadband bundles. The difference is that a broadband bundle comes with a number of other services in addition to basic broadband.

This means that you are not only buying the broadband service from the provider, but you may be getting your phone service and/or TV service as well. This is a broadband option that many people should look at as it often works out to be quite cost effective. Getting all of the services from a single provider makes paying the monthly bills easier, and the overall cost cheaper. The cheaper cost comes from the competition in the market. Every provider will try and get you to buy from them by offering you the best rates.

This does not mean that all bundles are the best deals possible. There are a lot of broadband bundles that do not work out cheaper. You need to check and see what the cost of getting the services separately is and compare this to the price of the bundle. Of course, you need to ensure that you are comparing like with like; otherwise, you will never find the best deal.

What is Line Rental?
When you look at phone and broadband deals you are going to see the term ‘line rental and an associated cost. Line rental is the amount you pay each month to your service provider for your phone line. If you are getting fibre optic broadband then you do not have to worry about this because the connection does not use the phone line.

The cost of the line rental varies depending on the provider you are looking at and the package you are going to get. Some packages come with special line rental rates but there is usually a catch. The catch is that you have to pay 12 months line rental upfront to get the special rate. If you are unable to do this you will have to pay the higher rate.

Should you Consider Mobile Broadband?
If you do not want a phone line and you are unable to get fibre optic broadband this is something you may be asking yourself. The best answer is, unfortunately: maybe you should. You have to understand that mobile broadband is not actually a viable alternative for home broadband. The speeds are too slow and the data limits are too low.

The people who can honestly be happy with mobile broadband in their homes are those who do not use the internet that much. If you are only going to check your email every once in a while then mobile broadband is an option to look at.

Can you Upgrade to a Better Deal?
Have you found that your broadband no longer suits your needs? If you are happy with your current broadband provider you may not be interested in switching to another. If this is the case then you should consider upgrading your current contract with the same provider. Before you do this, however, you should check online and see what your provider has to offer that might suit your new requirements.

Many broadband providers will have special deals for existing customers. This means that you get a special rate for the package, and possibly additional features. To upgrade the package you currently have you simply need to contact your provider. When you do this you may find that your provider will upgrade your package without any problems. Of course, you have to find out how much you will be paying at the end of the month for the contract and whether there are any additional costs. One of the additional costs you may face is an activation fee.

You should also ask your provider if your broadband connection will be disrupted by this upgrade. In some cases you may experience loss of connectivity during the upgrade, and this could last for a day or more.

What are You Getting with the Phone Service?
When you get broadband and phone bundles you have to consider what you are getting in the phone section. Many people do not look at this because they are concerned primarily with the broadband aspect. The more features you get with the phone package the more the overall bundle will cost you. If you do not require much in the way of phone services then you should get a bundle that reflects this.

Some providers allow you to create your own bundle where you can choose the packages that best suit your needs. When you do this, find the phone service that matches what you use your phone for. If all you need the phone for is the broadband then get a service that does not have a lot of special call rates.

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