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January 30, 2018: Those days are gone, when people have to wait for the complete day, to know about the latest government service circulars. News thirsty readers are never satisfied with the option. They always needed something new which could provide them latest public service circulars news updates at their finger tip. Such news thirsts was satisfied with the introduction of internet based news websites. is one such websites that shares a lot of material on the latest and current circulars and old circulars issued by the ministry. The purpose of this website is to ensure that any queries that you have in your mind about the issues discussed in this website can be answered properly. It is presently one of the best destinations to make oneself completely aware about the letter of instruction to government servants.

This website provides news in a fastest possible manner and in the simplest form. It is this aspect which is liked by many readers. Apart from that, provide information related to maternity leave circulars, quarantine leave facilities circulars, driving license renewal circular, special education service circular, Aidilfitri special payment circular year 2018, special payment circular year 2017 and much more.

This is the reason; this website has gained a significant amount of popularity and is preferred, over its conventional contemporaries. is one of the most popular public service circulars news and information related address, in the online world. It aspires to provide valuable information in the simplest and easy to understand manner possible.

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