Peanut Butter Cookies.

Welcome to a truly fantastic recipe for protein packed cookies. We all love cookies, but how do we actually benefit from eating cookies? The answer is simple. We must make the effort, and bake them ourselves. Benefiting from yummy foods is simply a question of doing it at home, so that we can control what goes into the snack, and make sure that our decadent indulgences are created in a way that not only has no negative affects on us, but actually promotes health, wellness, and satisfies our appetites in a way that assists us in avoiding foods that adversely impact our goals. The recipe below is for cookies, and they will have a lot to offer in the way of nutrition, satisfaction, and cravings reduction. The idea is to make high protein, moderate carbohydrate cookies that taste great, nourish the body, treat the palate, and best of all, seem like ordinary guilty pleasure filled snack cookies.

This recipe is best if vanilla flavored pea protein powder is used, however any vanilla protein powder can be used, if you can accept a loss in cookie texture. My advise is to get all the ingredients first before even trying the recipe, because i can pretty much assure you, this recipe is a keeper. The pea protein creates that velvet smooth cookie texture we all love, and it is worth it.

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So we will use,

two tablespoons of peanut butter,

one half cup of almond flour,

one quarter cup of vanilla pea protein powder,

one quarter cup of liquid egg whites,

one half teaspoon of toffee stevia powder,

one half teaspoon of butter scotch flavoring.

It would then be time to go ahead and blend all the ingredients to the point of achieving a batter that has the consistency of dough.

Secondly we would then cut up the dough into four equal sized balls, and then we would press them flat on to the baking pan.

Then we would bake the materials at 320 degree for a period of twenty five to thirty minutes.

That is basically it. This recipe is open to change. You can add or lessen sweetener to your own taste buds, and you can cook a few minutes

less if you want soft and chewy, or cook longer of you prefer harder and crunchier cookies.

I strongly suggest high protein cookies be the only type of cookies you ever eat. Amino acids are what we are made of, and using natural

stevia as a sweetner, is awesome. Even if you must buy commercial high protein cookies, its better than the sugary ones for your wellness.



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