Owning a Second Hand Japanese Car Now Becomes Easy With Pacific Boeki

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Tokyo (April 10, 2018) – Pacific Boeki is here for all the automobile lovers who want to own a high-quality car model inspired by Japenese designs and quality control standards. Considered as one of the leading Japanese car exporters, they have a perfect amalgam of quality and innovation in their vehicles. They serve their customers with second hand Japanese cars which can compete any new model in the market with its unique features and impeccable performance. Their cars not only give a smooth drive to the customer but also ensures the comfort of their family during long journeys. Japanese cars are well-known for their versatility and Pacific Boeki perfectly exemplify it. Apart from the quality, they also promise reasonable rates to their customers.

With their unbeatable service and hard-earned credibility, they have extended their services worldwide by putting the used Japanese cars for sale. For the foreign customers, the transit process has become a cake-walk now as the company ensures a smooth transfer of vehicles without any inconvenience through proper assistance and transport service.

About Pacific Boeki:
Pacific Boeki is one of the most popular new and second hand car exporters in Japan serving their customers with high-quality Japanese cars. The company renders its service in Japan as well as other parts of the world with the help of their highly qualified professionals. Based in Shibuya-Ku, Japan, this company deals with right-hand as well as left-hand cars.

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Media Contact
Pacific Boeki Co. Ltd.
Owner: Kmaran Zaib
Phone: 81-3-5798-7681
Email: [email protected]
Address: Shibuya-Ku, Hiroo 1-8-9, Matsuishi building, 201, Tokyo, Japan


Pacific Boeki is providing second hand Japanese cars at affordable rates to all those who are in awe of Japanese high-quality supercars and want to upgrade their taste in automobiles with an economical package.

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