Options For Smartphones With Keyboards

Consumers have plenty of smartphones with keyboards from which they can choose, whether their main priority is texting, browsing the internet, playing games, or all of the above. No matter your cell phone provider, smartphones with keyboards have become popular items in high demand, ensuring the best of this technology passes directly to the customer.

Before deciding which type of phone is best for your needs, consider the types of keyboards available. Certain smartphones with keyboards will feel more natural in the hand than others will, while other keys will be too small to effective text without becoming frustrated. Since most phones only have a particular type of keyboard, finding out which keyboard type you prefer can really help narrow down the choices, making the decision easier.

QWERTY Keyboards

Everyone is familiar with the QWERTY keyboard, whether one is familiar with the name or not. These keyboards have the exact same layout as a laptop or desktop keyboard, so the transition to the smartphones with keyboards that have this type of layout may be easier than other options. Android and Blackberry phones are popular QWERTY options, as are Motorola and HTC.

Slide Out Keyboards

Many smartphones with keyboards have those QWERTY keys contained, hidden with a slide out feature that allows users to stow the keyboard when using it to make a phone call. For texting purposes, simply slide the board out to gain access.

Similarly, some phones feature a flip out keyboard that works in the same way, allowing users to put the keyboard away until needed, although this is not a feature normally found with smartphones. The LG Octane is one of the few flip-out smartphones available, and may be a good option for those favoring the QWERTY layout.

Touchscreens have become the most popular option for smartphones with keyboards, mainly because they are sleek and more high-tech than QWERTY because, rather than physical keys, the letters and numbers are accessed by touching the screen with the fingertips. iPhone is a prime example of touchscreen phones. The downside of this type of screen is that it takes some getting used to, especially if you have never used one before.

Additionally, touchscreen keys are much smaller than physical keys, so you can feel like you’re all thumbs when trying to text. Other options for the touchscreen include Droid by Motorola and the Samsung Galaxy.

These various options exist to meet the needs of consumers, each of which has individual needs and preferred methods of texting. Before purchasing any one of the smartphones with keyboards available, it’s important to take the different types of keyboards for a test run. Many electronics stores have these phones on display, allowing customers to see how they feel in hand. Practice texting with them, try out the touchscreen icons, and see how quickly you can flip out or slide out that keyboard. You will most likely discover the keyboard type you prefer over the others, which will help narrow down the wide selection of smartphones on the market.

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