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April 10, 2018 – An Aadhar card is an exclusive number issued to each citizen of India and is a centralized and universal identification number. The Aadhar card is a biometric report that stores a person’s private details in the database of the government, and is rapidly turning into the government’s base for national services and public welfare. A person residing in India is required to enroll for Aadhar and the Supreme Court of India has ordered linking the card with services and plans within 31st March 2018. Individuals can enjoy different advantages of various services and schemes which are offered by the Government of India including, but not limited to, LPG Subsidies, Housing plans, Pensions schemes, and many others. The government utilizes the Aadhar network with a specific end goal to guarantee that people who require help and benefits can directly access these resources, without the help of any middlemen. Contain oriented website – Aadhar self service update portal provides comprehensive insight on various aspects of the Aadhar card. offers valuable information on how to check Aadhar card status, how download e-Aadhar card, tracking of update request number status, and others. At SSUP, individuals needing to make correction/change on their Aadhar are provided relevant details and ways to do so which are through the SSUP portal – self service, through offline by contacting the UIDAI Administrative/Official office near one’s location, or by sending post to the UIDAI office. is not connected with any government official websites and is only an informational website aimed to help individuals who want to update/correct their Aadhar card or get details about other aspects related to the Aadhar card.

About is an information website providing valuable insight to individuals about various aspects related to the all important Aadhar Card which is now a mandatory requisite for every citizen of India.

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### is an Aadhar self service update portal offering comprehensive information related to making corrections/change in Aadhar card, checking Aadhar card status, tracking update request number status, and more.

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