Olive Skin Blush Colors.

Olive skin can be a difficult skin to match blushes to. Some tones of olive skin have somewhat greenish under tones to it, and that can cause color clashes with blushes that would normally be of no consequence. Keeping that in mind, people of olive skin are fortunate enough to look fantastic when using rose colored blushes. Rose against olive skin offers a very neutral mid range for the tone. Rose has a way of offering balance to the undertones while at the same time offering a true red blush.


Peach is another color that gives warmth and balance to olive cheeks. Again peach manages to make neutral the hints of green undertones while also offering cosmetic blushing. If an olive skinned person lives in an area that has a profound winter coupled with days of lessened sunlight, the need for blush would become profound in an attempt to avoid a drab and drawn facial appearance caused by the darkness of the season. Another color that does well for the olive skinned person, is bronze. Bronze at the right time, brightens olive skin tones and gives color boost as well as warmth to the tone.

Light bronzing has also been a success with plenty of people that have olive skin, but be careful not go too heavy or it will be way too obvious for your skin color. The whole idea behind bronzing is to create the look you are going for, without that look being so overly intentional.

Blush colors for the olive tone are to be rose, peach, and also a dark vibrant pink has been used well with the darker tones of the olive skin. With these colors of blush, it is important not to pull those blush colors away by going too heavy at the eyes. A gold colored eye shadow, or a golden light brown colored eye shadow would make perfect sense with the colors of blush that have been proven to work well for you.

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For those of you with olive skin, i strongly suggest you not order makeup off the internet until you have firmly established that a particular brand and shade works well for you. Do not be shy to sometimes be the first person at the cosmetics counter of your favorite store or mall early in the morning, and take advantage of that wonderful energy that the clerk will have. Chances are you will be alone with the sales person long enough to do some awesome face testing, and quite possibly find something worth taking home.

I know how busy you are, and i too order from my laptop many things these days, but never discount the success you can have by making an actual appearance on your own behalf. After success with that, your laptop will still be there for future ordering.



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