Novelty in Emerald Cut Sapphire Rings

Sapphires look awesome always and stand out in all kinds of jewelry bit if it is an emerald cut stone that is set in a ring you will be so in awe, you can barely look away. So enjoy and indulge in a whole new look that will always make you proud.

What you wear speaks volumes about you. It is not just the clothes but also the way you carry them that matters and this is true in case of every little aspect that goes into completing your look. Needless to say jewelry plays a big role as well. Interestingly where clothes fail the sparkling and shimmering jewels come forward and make a mark. It is however equally important that you pick your pieces well and with care. Wearing the right jewelry is the secret behind perfecting your look and also making heads turn. With so many different options and the wide array of styles and designs available it is not difficult to locate pieces that are not just beautiful but also impressive.

While each variety has a distinct appeal whether earrings, rings or pendants we all have our personal favorites and if you are someone who cannot resist the impact that rings make then you will also agree that those that are set with certain gemstones reflect character and beauty that sets them apart from the rest. So imagine how stunning a ring would look when set with the gorgeous sapphire especially if it flaunts a unique and awesome cut. Yes an emerald cut sapphire ring boasts of a beauty that cannot be put in words.

The very fact that we are talking of a gem that is known to be unparallel in beauty and allure that has captured the hearts of jewelry lovers for centuries now is reason enough to indulge in this fine variety. Besides in this distinct cut the loveliness of the stone only multiplies. The color which is the primary reason why we adore this stone is very well reflected in this particular cut. It really doesn’t matter whether the stone comes in the celebrated blue hue or the pretty pink; it looks splendid in any case when part of a ring.

You can pick a piece that has a solitaire stone that rules and manages to grab loads of attention or choose something more elaborate with a detailed design. In case of the former if you want a demure beauty and expect the stone to remain in focus as single stone pieces ideally should, take care to see that the band is plain and not too distracting with a detailed design. In a nutshell allow the stone to remain the highlight and trust me you will love the effect this stark yet bold look has on everyone around.

If you enjoy a slightly elaborate look then opt for a piece that flaunts this stunning stone with a shimmering rim of diamonds bordering it. One thing is for sure the perfect blend of color and light will surely make a lasting impression. For a truly lavish look you can even have more of the twinkling diamonds on the shanks. If you felt that with this particular cut your choices are limited to just a solitaire piece then let me tell you you’re mistaken for you can work wonders with this beauty if only you wish. Allow it to be the center stone and have two dazzling diamonds keep it company as side stones in a three stone ring that has a classic appeal.

There are lots of lovely designs that are available with most jewelers these days and all you need to do is invest your time and energy in looking for a piece that is perfect and timeless in its beauty. Trust me you will treasure it for a lifetime.

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