306No Longer Admire the Benefits of Steam Utilise it with a Steam Shower

Throughout the centuries civilizations have searched for methods for offering therapy to tired and weary bodies. This led to the use of steam.

The Romans were the first civilization to devote their resources in to creating great mausoleum type buildings each featuring large steam baths, ensuring that everyone could indulge in the rewarding health benefits of steam.

Various other cultures also displayed their own admiration for the therapeutic wonders of steam. Countries such as India enjoyed the use of steam to such an extent that every time a large home was constructed it would include a steam bath. Each country had recognised the benefits of steam in their own unique way. The Russians enjoyed steam within the confines of a Banya, the Native Americans in the form of a sweat lodge, the Finnish with their saunas and Turkish with the hamma and this is to name just a few.

The reason for such admiration towards bathing in steam is all because of the therapeutic benefits it offers our bodies. The combination of heat and moisture is great for inducing the muscles in the body helping you to relax and unwind. It also helps relieve stress which in today’s society seems to be at an all-time high. Stress is all part of our lifestyles and can in turn bring on high blood pressure, headaches and even heart problems.

One of the main reasons why the steam room was found in gyms and local health centres is because of its ability to soothe aching limbs. Over worked muscles and joints are common place when the body has received a vigorous workout and this is where the steam room benefits our bodies. It works through the process of the heat dilating the blood vessels throughout the body. This in turn helps to improve the circulation and as the blood then carries nutrients and oxygen to the sore muscles and joints, it helps to repair and heal at a much quicker rate.

Another asset with using steam therapy is the rejuvenation of the skin through sweating. Whilst you treat the body to the combination of heat and moisture it reacts by hydrating the skins pores and opening them so that any toxins are flushed out. This in turn eradicates the dirt and grime that gets accumulated in the pores, preventing the formation of blackheads and pimples, overall the skin appears to be healthier.

It is a shame that it has taken generations to realise again at just how important our health truly is and this realization has re-invented the use of steam therapy by creating the steam shower and steam shower bath. These unique appliances are built on the concept of the shower enclosure and each come fully fitted with a steam generator alongside a vast array of therapeutic and remote elements.

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