New Year, New Decade!

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It’s that time of year when people look back at the year that has just passed. Perhaps you start to reminisce about your family holiday in the sunshine altogether when you enjoyed the warmth of the sun and each other’s company. Or remembering laughing at those inevitable holiday slip-ups that would not be out of place on an episode of You’ve Been Framed!

family holiday

Perhaps you enjoyed a major milestone such as getting married, a day that all your friends and family were able to come together to celebrate with you. All the memories of the food and drink, the speeches, the presents, the spectacular dad dancing efforts or the dresses and flowers. All these things mixed together create a day that you can look back on anytime you like as it’s all there if you just close your eyes.


Maybe you started a family and welcomed a new life into the world? Your life will have changed beyond measure but the sleepless nights, the toys are strewn across the floor, the constant use of the washing machine and the changing of nappies are all outweighed by the enjoyment, wonder and laughs you are sharing with your wee bundle of joy. You’ve also maybe got an eye on what the future holds for them, what career will they pursue, will they like the hobbies/sports that you like, will they be football or rugby and of course will they have children of their own one day? 


Maybe you moved home and set up somewhere new because of your job, or a bigger family or for any number of reasons. It’s always exciting to start afresh and to see how things are going to fit in, and that applies to you as well as your furniture, gadgets and bits and pieces! There will be new neighbours to meet and hopefully become friends with. A new school for your children maybe and new spaces, drawers, nooks and crannies to store all your things. It’s amazing how much stuff, both junk and treasured possessions that you can accumulate over the years. Sometimes moving is a good time to have a clear out of that junk but also reminisce over those trinkets and ornaments that hold special memories or take you back to a moment in time that you had forgotten about.


The 2 common threads in all of the above are firstly the special people in your life that give you support and comfort but also laughs and, well, sometimes it’s just nice knowing that they’re there beside you, and that is enough. And secondly, your personal effects, sometimes small, sometimes large, that surround you every day. Belongings that are priceless in the best sense of the word, that remind you of those special people and the unforgettable times spent with them. As well as looking back on the year at the things you have done or achieved, maybe also look at your “to-do” list and what you didn’t get around to doing? Maybe look forward to getting those things ticked off the list, like arranging to protect all those people and possessions that mean so much to you.


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