New Top Quality Shovel Gouge Now Available From Kingsbridge Supply

Montgomery, USA- August 17, 2017 — Both experienced master wood craftsmen and amateur wood workers all agree that using the proper tools for any project makes the project easier and produces better results. Kingsbridge Supply, a respected and expert supplier of log building tools and equipment, proudly announces the availability of its newest wood working tool, a top-quality shovel gouge handcrafted by Buffalo Tool Forge.

Offering only the best quality products from the leading suppliers at affordable prices, Kingsbridge Supply’s tools are designed to deliver the ease and flexibility for people of all skill levels and experience to craft like a true master woodworker. This new shovel gouge is a medium weight tool that is perfect for removing wood from lateral grooves and trimming up to the scribe line. It features a #9 u-shaped sweep and thirty-inch durable hardwood handle.

Kingsbridge Supply has a full line of affordable wood working and logging tools designed to help everyone complete their project efficiently and with exceptional results. Whether for a master craftsman, construction professional, or hobbyist working on a home project, the company offers the wood working tools, equipment and accessories necessary to create a masterpiece.

The company offers a wide range of top quality products across the following product categories:

●Tool sharpening stones – flat and round India sharpening stones to ensure a better, faster and safer cut
●Logging tools – cant hooks, peaveys, log lifters, timber carriers, axes, adzes, and replacement handles
●Chisels – wide variety of professional chisels for even the most detailed work
●Log building tools – craftsman caliber tools such as tongs, cleats, scribers, knives, and more
●Chain saw accessories – stump vices, log peelers, felling wedges, cutting guides, and sharpeners
●Safety apparel – safety clothing for the body, legs, head, and feet

Kingsbridge Supply’s staff of experts are always on hand to offer advice about the right tools for any aspect of the job as well as experienced advice on how to complete any project in the most efficient and best manner. For more information about Kingsbridge Supply or to browse its wide selection of wood working tools and equipment, please visit or call +1-952-9133762.

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