Natalie Halla Starts Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign for Her New Documentary Film, NOWHERE

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April 05, 2018: Award winning filmmaker in Austria, Natalie Halla has come out with her new documentary film, NOWHERE. It is a hard-hitting documentary about the fate of a child who is an ex-Vietnamese boat refugee, and what getting a second chance feels like. She has started a crowdfunding campaign in Kickstarter to raise funds for this Indie documentary.

Natalie Halla comes from a family that believes in profound human values and that races and humans should not be divided by any classifications or borders. When she was only 4 years in age, her parents took care of two Vietnamese boat refugee brothers after the latter survived a boat-trip for 3 weeks.

Today, one of the kids – Ngoc, has become a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner of repute in Australia and helps many infertile couples have a child. The other child grew up to be a successful guitar teacher who is making his students win most music awards in Austria.

Natalie Halla’s documentary is a reaction to a world where the contemporary politicians, people and the media are growing increasingly suspicious of refugees. Her new documentary is closely related to her life experiences. She feels that it has a big potential and can help spread humanitarian values to a larger audience.

The funds raised from the crowdfunding campaign would be used for the postproduction work of her documentary, especially mastering, effects, image postproduction, color grading and sound design. If more funds are raised than the target amount, it would be used for marketing the documentary in IDFA, Berlinale, Sundance and other film festivals and markets.

About Natalie Halla’s NOWHERE
The documentary film by the award-winning filmmaker, Natalie Halla, is seeking for funds and has launched a crowdfunding program at Kickstarter.

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Natalie Halla is an Award winning filmmaker in Austria who has recently set up a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for her new documentary film, NOWHERE.


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