My Experience Of Flipbook Maker And Creator Of A Flipbook

Over the years I have collected letters, drawings, photographs and all kinds of memorabilia from my childhood to being a grandparent.

The most precious possessions are diaries, documents and old photographs from parents and grandparents. I have been wondering how to preserve all this valuable information in such a way that would be interesting to them. I wanted to create a digital book that I could print as well as email, burn it onto a CD/DVD and publish it on the Web without paying royalties.

I was very excited to try PDF to flipbook Maker ¨C a free trial immediately appealed to me. I could try it out first before buying it. There is no subscription fee, free to upgrade and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Because my document was done in Word, I needed to ensure that any software package I bought was compatible and simple to use to. I discovered it was an easy way to transfer my word files into an eye-catching book with page flipping animations. What a wonderful gift this would be and I could do it all by myself without having any programming knowledge whatsoever

I was delighted to find that I could insert my voice or someone else،¯s voice with music to go with it. The choice of templates and colors is fantastic so one doesn،¯t have to be an artist ¨C it،¯s all been done for me. All my photographs could be displayed effortlessly into my flipping book.

First of all I read through the first page of and was impressed by the easy to use menus. The opening page is beautifully presented and appealing.
Before I started with the trial I looked at the video tour. The text was very faint and the tour flipped too quickly to actually see what would happen from start to finish. At the beginning and ending the wording in the text box was confusing and needs to be edited.

I would suggest the whole page-flipping video tour example be checked again very carefully for grammatical improvements.

The flipbook creator is lovely ¨C I tried it out and it downloaded fairly quickly. One problem I had was when it was open in full window I couldn،¯t find a button or x on the screen to close it. I had to go back to File ¨C exit.



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