Modern advancements for an improved Post Room System

Let us assume that you need to send out 5,000 newsletters to your customers in two days. Your assistant calls in sick, your mail room operator is inefficient and your top level management wants you complete this job without fail.
This is a situation that arises in the Post Room System of most companies around the world due to the absence of modern advancements that can make everyone’s job easier.

Here are some 21st century advancements that can revolutionize the normal mail room of any company.

Custom Envelope Printer

Studies and surveys around the world have revealed that customer are more inclined to open enveloped that are directly addressed to them in an envelope than the envelopes that have pasted labels that hold their address.
A Custom Envelope Printer can directly print the particulars you need on an envelope. In addition to this, these printers will also print the return address, bar codes if needed and other forms of graphics on to the envelope eliminating the need for human interaction in creating the envelopes altogether.

These Envelope Printers can handle an array of envelopes of different color, thickness and size and can effortlessly print of almost all sorts of envelope surfaces.

Customized Software

Having customized post room software that will read every single item that comes into your company and keep track of every item that leaves your mail room is a huge advantage. Doing this will mean you’ll never lose a consignment and you’ll have fewer returns. This will minimize the overall cost incurred to the organization.

Mail Openers

Opening physical mails is a highly frustrating task especially if the packaging is done thoroughly. In a mail room department, the amount of time that is spent in opening envelops and parcels are quite high. That is why you can make use of Mail Openers.

Automatic mail openers open your mails from envelops and keep the descriptions of the mail safe without damaging them. With the help of this device, your employees can spend their time doing things that are far more productive than opening mails.

Postal Scales

Having a computerized postal scale can predict the shipping rate of any consignment. You can program the tariff calculation application of courier agents such as DHL, Bluedart and FedEx into the postal scale and then place any item that you want to send on the scale. After this, the scale will predict the cost that you must bear to ship the item through each of those agents.

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Author: James