Mail Room Tracking Software for Internal Mail Tracking

Like external mail tracking it is also necessary tracking the internal mails in an enterprise. Internal mail tracking will become easier with mail room tracking software.

Basic function of the manager of the mail room services is tracking both incoming as well as outgoing mail accurately. They also keep the analytical information of the mail services offered. However there is another important aspect of tracking mails and it is the internal mail tracking which is important for any enterprise and the mail room manager has to keep track of these as well. That is also the point where efficient mail room tracking software could come up very handy for the mail room manager.

Features of Internal Mail Tracking

Main features of the internal mail tracking system are as follows.

• Entering as well as updating all consignments that are received for delivery.

• Generating barcode as well as the consignment numbers.

• Printing of number wise checklists of the consignments to be delivered.

• Printing of consignments destination wise that would be delivered using different methods like post, door delivery, and courier services etc.

• Marking the delivery and receipt of the mail that is send.

• Updating delivery status when the consignment is delivered to the recipient.

• Easy as well as convenient tracking of both ingoing as well as outgoing consignments.

• Checking for pending consignments yet to be delivered.

• SLA and performance analysis on the basis of works taken up and completed.

Effective Mailroom Management

The process of mailroom management is a complex one and needs concentration and careful handling on the part of the mailroom manager. One of the reasons is that there have been a lot of changed in the recent times in respect of regulations of the mailroom services in terms of pricing as well as security. Changes are even more evident in case of overseas mail services carried out by different companies. In such cases, the requirements for using quality software become even more necessary. That is why there is consistent demand in the market for such software is quite high.

Process is simple. Once a consignment or package is received, it is automatically scanned for the tracking number and once it is found the package is checked as the correct one, safe and secure. It is now time to inform the recipients that their mail has arrived so that they can collect or delivery is made to the right recipient.

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