Mobile Broadband: Should You Go For The Long Term Contract?

Mobile Internet is essential for anyone who needs to connect on the go. Indeed, smartphones as we know them today will not be the same without access to the Internet. But before you take out a mobile plan, you need to give careful consideration to the packages available. Just like fixed line broadband plans, mobile providers offer various services for different people. Since everyone has different needs, youll have to think about what you want before you take out a mobile contract.

Mobile service plans
Mobile providers offer several plans to target specific consumers. These include packages for data users, people who make voice calls, and those who communicate primarily by text. If you text a lot, but rarely make voice calls, then a plan optimized with unlimited text would be the obvious choice. The same principle applies to voice calls and mobile Internet.

How long should the contract be?
Your initial cost for mobile broadband will be determined by the length of your contract. Youll pay a lower monthly cost if you choose a longer contract. For instance, most mobile services providers offer 12-24 month contracts, and if you choose a 24 month contract, your monthly payment will be significantly lower.

Some providers may also give away popular smartphones with longer contracts. Should freebies and the promise of lower monthly payments entice you into signing a longer contract? That depends on your needs. If youre prepared to make the commitment for the long haul, then by all means sign the contract and save money. Keep in mind that there may be fees for cancelling the contract, so stay away from longer terms if you want the freedom to leave when you want to.

Mobile Internet for travellers
International data usage, included with your plan, is a must if you travel a lot. Without some provisions made for international data usage, mobile browsing will be as costly as purchasing your ticket for travel. A cheaper alternative to an international plan is to use a SIM card from the country youre travelling to. This will reduce the costs of accessing mobile Internet in foreign countries.

Choosing your data plan
If youre just getting started with mobile Internet, you might be uncertain about what your monthly data usage might be. In this case, you should choose a tariff that is higher than your actual needs. This will help you avoid overage charges if you exceed your allowance on lower tariffs. Therefore, it makes sense to start off high and monitor your usage for a month or two. After that time, you can keep your current plan or downgrade your package. Some providers charge a fee for downgrades, so you must ask about this before you request the change.

Choose a higher tariff initially if youre unsure of what your data usage will be, but if the provider charges unreasonable fees for changing your plan, youll have to take an alternative route. Before you sign a contract, ask the provider to help you to identify a package that will fall in line with your needs. Simple activities like browsing, social media, and emails will not consume a lot of data. Streaming videos and playing games, on the other hand, will use up your monthly allowance if you contract a small data plan. Ask your mobile provider to suggest a plan or use a pay-as-you go plan until you have a clear picture of what your monthly usage will be.

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