Methods On How To Remove A Palm Tree

Removing a palm tree can be a daunting task. While a palm tree does not have as many branches as many other trees, palm trees are tall. The tallest palm tree in the world grows up to seventy meters in height. There are a variety of methods on how to a remove palm tree, and this article will detail a few of them.

1. A palm tree can be removed by digging it out with a spade or shovel. However, the palm tree is a monocot and thus has a tenacious fibrous root system. This is the most time-consuming and cheapest method of removing a palm tree, and is not for those who are not physically fit enough to execute this method. Patience and hard work are the virtues required here.

2. The tree can be killed by pouring alcohol or other chemicals toxic to the tree on the ground it grows on. The goal is to dig around the tree and surround it with alcohol. When the tree dies, its hold on the ground will be looser and it will be easier to dig it out with a spade or shovel. However, contaminating the ground with chemicals is environmentally unfriendly. Do consult with an arborist before executing this method

3. The tree can also be killed by cutting a deep ring around its bark. The phloem that is just underneath the bark layer carries nutrients to and from the roots. If one were to cut this transport system, the tree will die. And as stated in the previous method, once this is done, the palm tree can be removed by digging it out with a spade or shovel.

4. If you are clueless as to how to remove a palm tree, hire someone who knows how! This is the best method if the palm tree could strike power lines or other properties that cannot be removed as easily as a car or other debris. This is also expensive, but you are hiring an expert after all. They know how to remove a tree efficiently.

5. Palm trees can also be transplanted. In this method, the palm tree will not die. Someone will come over to uproot the palm tree for you and transport it to a customer. In some cases you will even get paid for it. The most likely destination for your palm tree is a nearby beach. If you want, you can even visit your tree as it grows there.

6. A palm tree can be removed much the same way as any other tree: by cutting it down. Palm trees require a chainsaw to remove in this method. The usual procedure for removing a tree follows here: clean out the area where it may fall, cut the tree down, run away, and clean up afterwards.

There are other methods of removing a palm tree. This is just a short list of more common methods on how to remove a palm tree.

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