You can save yourself and your cat a great deal of frustration by accepting the fact that scratching is a natural instinct of cats. Instincts can’t be changed. Therefore, your best option for making peace with your cat’s instinct to scratch is to offer it acceptable places to “act normally”. If you have a young kitten, redirection is a fairly simple process. If your are trying to encourage an adult cat to abandon their favorite scratching place in favor of one you deem appropriate, the task may be a little more difficult.

Observation is a key element in training any pet. You can quickly and easily discover the type of material your cat finds enticing by observing cat scratching damages around your home. As a general rule, most cats like Sisal scratching posts. Your cat may also be intrigued with cardboard or various types of carpet. You can stay one step ahead of the game by investing in scratching posts made of something your cat likes. Cat scratchers can be hung on door knobs, nailed to the wall or placed on the floor.

Your observations will show you that the furniture your cat chooses to scratch on is not furniture that is hidden away in a corner. They want to stake their claim or leave their personal touch on furniture that sits in the midst of household activity. Your cat will not show any interest in a scratching post that you place in some out-of-the-way location.

It would be advantageous to you to purchase more than one scratching post. Place one near the area where your cat sleeps and one in the area where you and your cat spend the most time. One of the first things your cat will do in the morning is make its way to its scratching post for its morning exercise routine. Cats are far more diligent than humans when it comes to daily exercise. It’s important to select a scratching post that is tall enough for your cat to extend its body and stretch its front muscles. Most likely, your cat will enjoy another episode of scratching sometime during the night.

Cat scratching is a pleasurable activity for a cat. Once you provide an appropriate place for them to scratch, you will need to find creative ways to entice them to that designated area. Rubbing catnip on the post or the area that you want them to scratch will usually get their attention. You can give them treats for scratching in the appropriate location. Hang a feather, a ball or one of their favorite toys to the post to entice them to play and scratch where you want them to. Make the area a fun place for a cat.

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