Marrying Your Loved One at St Lucia: The Romance and Legalities

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St Lucia has got to be one of the most romantic places in the world in which to make your vows to the one you love. A fabulous climate and an incredible natural beauty are the perfect combination for a dream wedding. Magnificent sunsets, soft white sand and the dramatic ocean rolling in the distance harmoniously combine to create a backdrop like no other. For the in-house wedding organising team here at The Landings, St Lucia rates among the best places to tie the knot.

The Romance

There are many people who have come to the realisation that the characterful Caribbean island is a first class wedding destination and a wonderful place in which to enjoy a memorable wedding. At The Landings, St Lucia weddings are a part of our service that we are incredible proud of.

We have created several wedding packages to help make your dreams become a reality. Perhaps you envisage your perfect wedding day to be a small affair on a hidden-away beach, or maybe you want to go in for something much more extravagant and have a huge guest list guest; no matter what you desire, our five-star wedding planners, who all work in-house, will help create exactly what you want.

I am happy to say that our packages aim to cover every element included in a wedding. Starting with the venue, we can also organise the decorations, live music, bridal bouquet, the minister to carry out the official service, the cake, and the photography too. Even if you want an aisle decorated with fallen rose petals, we will see that you get it. The service doesn’t end there and we are happy to arrange breakfast in bed, massages and much more besides. More low-key ceremonies are also in our remit, and we are happy to discuss any ideas you have here at The Landings, St Lucia.

The Legal Side

Of course, getting married is an official event too and paperwork is inevitably involved. You need to make sure that you have all the correct documentation in place before your ceremony can go ahead. Original certificates are the best option, although certified copies with raised seals are accepted. If you require any help or have any questions, our team at The Landings will be happy to help.

The documentation required is as follows:

• Passports for both parties (with at least 6 months remaining)
• Birth certificates for both parties
• Decree absolute (if one of you is divorced)
• Death certificate of former spouse and previous marriage certificate (if widow/widower)
• Deed poll certificate (if name has been changed)
• Parental consent by way of Affidavit from a Royal Notary (if under 18)
• Adoption certificate (if applicable)

It is little wonder that so many couples choose to get married on this picture postcard Caribbean idyll. The laid back vibe that complements the breathtaking natural beauty resonates throughout the island. If you have decided that this is the location for you, don’t hesitate to contact The Landings, St Lucia about our comprehensive packages. Questions about the legalities can be answered as well as any others, so if you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to welcoming you to our island and making your special day the best it can possibly be.

Adam Gobat is a renowned expert on the Caribbean, with a passion for its culture, history, people and places. His indepth local knowledge and wealth of experience in the luxury property market are key to the marketing and sales of the luxury villas and penthouses in The Landings, St Lucia, one of the most desirable freehold beachfront developments in the Caribbean.