Decorating, Caribbean Style

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Moving overseas often means a completely new start. It also means that you can begin afresh and embrace a new and unfamiliar culture with open arms.

A great way of doing this is to decorate your island home in keeping with the style and features of the local homes and surroundings. Apart from being a lot of fun, decorating in the flamboyant, colourful designs that are probably completely different to what you are used to will help make you feel more of a part of your new Caribbean environment. At The Landings, St Lucia, we have put together some tips to get you started.

Caribbean Flavour

When starting to think about decorating Caribbean style, first consider the calm and relaxed surroundings that the island is famous for. This is reflected in the way people decorate their houses. While colours are vibrant, there is a rustic air that resonates throughout, bestowing a tranquil atmosphere that almost makes you feel like you are bringing a touch of the outdoors in.

There is a clear mix of interior décor styles seen in buildings around the island and this is certainly because of the huge number of different cultures – including the French, Spanish, English, African, and Dutch – that have inhabited the island and left their own legacy.

Key Materials and Colours

The overall look of a Caribbean home is always a swathe of colour and, because of the softness of the window coverings, the use of distressed wood and subtle sun-bleached features, the houses often merge with their surroundings. Colours that make a real Caribbean statement are the emerald greens, the electric blues and the vibrant yellows, all of which you will see used in interior décor all over the island. Plants are often used to complement white accent pieces and to add some life to homes.

Tips for Decorating your New Home

As I like to remind the team at The Landings, St Lucia homes decorated Caribbean style are always more gratifying. The more you get into the swing of it, the more you will feel absorbed in the relaxed and laid back island way of life. There are some excellent places to invest in furniture and other items on the island itself, so my advice is to wait until you arrive before you buy anything. The markets here are the best places to start. They are full of inspiration, as the team have discovered here at The Landings.

St Lucia is your new beginning, so it is my advice to leave most of your big items behind and only move furniture you deem as essential. This will motivate you to get going on your décor project as soon as possible. It will also be cheaper, as you won’t have as much to ship and you can sell the items you decide not to bring before you arrive.

The unique Caribbean interior design style is bright, happy and exciting and, if you bring it into your home, you are giving yourself the best chance of settling quickly and feeling more ‘at home’ sooner. Here, at The Landings, St Lucia, I am happy to chat about your move and your decorating plans. I have lots of inside info on where to shop too!

Adam Gobat is a renowned expert on the Caribbean, with a passion for its culture, history, people and places. His indepth local knowledge and wealth of experience in the luxury property market are key to the marketing and sales of the luxury villas and penthouses in The Landings, St Lucia, one of the most desirable freehold beachfront developments in the Caribbean.