Mark Blackburn Has Posted a Project at Indiegogo to Gather Funds for Wraptie, the Tie down Strap

Taipei, Taiwan (November 18, 2017) – Mark Blackburn and Paul McNeil has founded a new tie-down strap and the product is named by them as Wraptie. The former is an engineer with more than 20 years of professional experience, while the latter is a prolific inventor and engineer with more than 25 years of experience. Both of them have created this innovative tie-down strap that they have launched at Indigogo.

This product is offered by both these inventors in three different sizes. They call their product as the world’s smartest tie-down strap. The lengths in which this product is available are 130 cms, 180 cms, and 240 cms. To double the options of the users, all these three can be doubled in size with the elastic feature.

Prototypes for this product have been developed and the duo has completed the testing process. With the incredible feedback, they are almost ready to begin their production. For the production of this most useful product, they need funding and they have posted a project for this purpose at Indiegogo.

People placing order for this product through Indiegogo campaign will get attractive deals as well.

About Wraptie:
The creators have stated that this product will probably be available in December. With the attractive set of features like tidy storage, infinite adjustability, extendibility, elastic, rustproof, scratch proof, multi-functional, safe to use, this is a safe product.

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Strap ties are highly helpful in a number of ways. When they are durable and they come with size adjustment, it will be an added advantage. This is what Wraptie is all about.



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