Manufacturer Offers New Custom Wrestling Doublets – Now An Option for High School Wrestlers

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An athletic apparel manufacturer in Maryland is pleased to announce that it will offer new custom wrestling doublets, that can now be worn by high school students on the wrestling team. Cisco Athletic is one of the few stores able to offer this possibility for eager students and parents who are ready to embrace the new uniform option, approved by the National Federation of State High School Association.

In the past, only single pieces (“wrestling singlets”) were permitted to be worn by students on wrestling teams in schools across the US. However, due to overwhelming demand by students and support from parents as well as teaching staff the rule has now been changed. The new uniform option consists of compression shorts and a compression shirt, collectively referred to as “wrestling doublets”. Since strict guidelines are in place for the length and design of these shorts and tops, it is essential that they are bought from a professional designer/manufacturer.

Cisco Athletic is fully aware of all the regulations for the design of the doublet and is ready to adhere to them completely. However, the manufacturer is also keen to announce that it can design wrestling doublets in a variety of different colors and preferences to match the desires of the customer. Each doublet can be designed with school colors or fit a certain style and still be acceptable under the official guidelines for the new two-piece uniform. Logos may even be added to the design to show school spirit and pride in being part of the wrestling team.

A key reason for the introduction of the new two-piece doublet was to encourage more people in high school and younger youth levels to try wrestling and experience the sport. As well as this, it is hoped that the uniform will lead to a higher number of girls signing up for wrestling. As such, Cisco Athletic is ready to meet what could be a massive surge in demand that may grow through the coming years.

Cisco Athletic was originally founded in 1982, and as such has a wealth of experience and a cemented reputation for providing great wear for a variety of students and athletes. As a trusted manufacturer of sportswear online, Cisco Athletic aims to always provide the finest quality custom made sports apparel in the industry.

The new wrestling doublets are all made in the USA and designed with quality control checks in place to ensure that customers get the best product for their money. As an alternative option to the singlet wrestling uniform, the doublet is sure to be a hit with students and Cisco Athletic are pleased to provide this option to all their customers and clients. Completely customisable and ready for order, Cisco Athletics doublets are sure to be a hit with high school students and parents alike.

More information as well as example photos of custom wrestling doublets can be found on the company website. Alternatively, the business can be contacted by the press directly using the information provided below.

Wayne Capaletti
Company: Cisco Athletic
Address: 6608 Quad Avenue, Rosedale, MD 21237
Telephone: 410-325-4800
Email: [email protected]

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