Santa Clara, CA (July 15, 2018) – At times, computer users give long file names and folder names. However, the issue arises when the user intends to rename or delete the file. Even, there will be an issue in the copying of such files. To help with deletion, copying, and renaming of such files/folder, Long Path Tool offers an excellent tool.

The long path finder tool comes with good set of features. It will work at a faster pace for deletion of long path files and folders. The program has been used for deleting several thousands of long path files so far. Irrespective of whether a user uses Microsoft Windows or other operating systems, this tool will work.

The general rule in Windows Explorer and FAR is that the user cannot delete, rename or copy a file name with more than 250 characters. But, with this tool, the users can handle pathnames of any length. Yes, the tool can handle up to the internal Windows limit of an unbelievable 32000 characters.

It can address errors like error 1320, the error cannot delete file, file cannot be copied, cannot delete file: Access is denied, etc.

About Long Path Tool:
The Long Path Tool was established by KrojamSoft, Inc. The company is operating from Santa Clara, CA. The company has the latest certification that the tool they offer is safe.

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At instances, computer users give long names to files and folders. But, copying, renaming and even deleting these files will turn out to be an issue. Long Path Tool offers an excellent tool to fix this issue. click the link for more info long path finder


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