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Deluxe rugs and carpets is here with the new live chat feature on their website which makes a lot easier for customers to get connected with them. Because of live chat feature, even the satisfaction level of the customers regarding products is improved. You get your doubts solved related to their products as soon as possible with the expert of rugs at live chat.

Deluxe rugs and carpet is an elegant addition to any home just like well-placed fine paintings or wall decor, they provide you with the overall character and complete the furnishing of a well-decorated room. Deluxe rugs offer you luxurious feel that is quite challenging for synthetics to duplicate. However, who is going to protect those handmade premium rugs? Here are some tips and advice to protect your rugs by the passing years.

There are three steps to protect your Rugs
●Vacuum clean your rugs regularly
●Remove spills from rugs immediately
●Once a while call professionals to clean rugs

Approximately 80% of staining in rugs is caused because of dry materials like dirt, dust, and soil. From the day you brought your rug, frequent vacuuming removes these dry particles before they can become embedded in your rugs. It is advised that you should completely vacuum your rugs once in a week.

Properly maintained rugs enhance the appearance and atmosphere of interiors. For protecting your rugs and the investment made and to extend its life, it is important to clean it at regular intervals, rather than waiting until the rugs are heavily dirtied.

Rugs should be cleaned by professionals using various methods like hot water cleaning, dry cleaning or shampoo cleaning, etc. Every 12 to 16 months rugs should be cleaned by professionals to get fresh vibes in your room. Cleaning rugs by professional on a regular basis will remove oily, sticky soil and well-settled soil that vacuums do not remove which cause slow but significant dulling of your rug. Never scrub your rugs, as it will damage its natural fibres of your rug.

As you can see, taking care of and cleaning wool rug does not involve a lot of complicated rules. You just need to remember about vacuum it frequently. However, don’t do anything that could destroy the delicate fibres of the rug. If you can take care of few things then, you will be able to maintain your rug for a very long time.

However, with regular care, you can add years to the life of your rug. There are various elegant rugs available with deluxe rugs that you can check out on their website

Explore the luxurious and elegant collection of handwoven rugs at deluxe rugs and carpets.

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