Lise Bjørne Linnert Has Posted Project On Kickstarter To Get Support For Ni En More – Wear The Fight

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Oslo, Norway (December 26, 2017) – In her project at Kickstarter, Lise Bjørne Linnert starts by saying that “We are starting a clothing line that will empower women in CdJuarez, Mexico”. The purpose of the clothing line named as Wear The Fight is to help women raise their voice against aggression towards women at international level.

Lise Bjørne Linnert is one of the key personalities working for Ni En More, a non-profit social innovation project and also a clothing brand. It is a concentrated project across borders that bring together political activism, art, and fashion.

The garment they create to support the noble cause for which the team fights will reach the customers at international level. It will carry a message along. Yes, it will carry a story tag that will inform the situation of women in Cd. Juárez. It will also have a protest badge to wear. The team assures that all the profits they gain from this initiative will be reinvested in their sewing studio and in the community of workers.

The team has also posted details about the rewards the supporters of this project at Kickstarter will get.

About Lise Bjørne Linnert:
Lise Bjørne Linnert, who has posted this project on Kickstarter, is the initiator and also one of the founders of Ni En More.

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Any initiative with a noble cause should get the support from the concerned people. This is what Lise Bjørne Linnert, expects by posting a project at Kickstarter to attract support for the Wear the Fight costume.


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