Lip Augmentation.

No website about lip liners and lip sticks would be complete with out a paragraph or two devoted to the augmentation of lips. That would be a cosmetic procedure that some times, but not always includes surgery. Such procedures are done to enhance the look of the lips by augmenting the thickness, fullness, and over all size of the lips via the use of cosmetic fillers. Even as far back as times when we all belonged to tribes, people around the world have included and added materials to the lips to exaggerate beauty and to try so hard to achieve whatever is the precised perfect sized lips based on prevailing trends of the day.

Back during calendar year 1900, records exist showing that surgeons of the day made attempts at filling out lips using an inject-able form of paraffin, but did so with no viable results. Then during the 1960s, forms of liquid silicone were used to enlarge lips, and yet that method was to eventually be abandoned because health concerns regarding silicone made such procedures too dangerous to continue on with. Right around 1980, collagen injections became en vogue, but the issue there was, such enhancement did not pass the test of time, and there was of course allergy issues as well because the product was of bovine origin.

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It was at the late 1990s, that advancements in surgeries related to lip enlargement really took off. Bio Compatible material used in other forms of surgeries became popular in the world of cosmetic surgery, and more doctors began using such in an effort to augment and reshape lips.

One of the products is Autologen. This product was actually made directly from the patients skin supply, and there was no risk of allergy. The draw back was that the body would absorb the material back in to the system, and so results were quite temporary.

Collagen taken from the hide of bovine donors was also an option. The draw backs were allergy concerns, as well as the results usually lasting not longer that three months because once again the material would eventually be absorbed.

A material that garnered better results was Dermalogen. This product was harvested from the patients skin and processed in to a collagen substance that would have an effect lasting longer than bovine collagen, but again, the results were still temporary.

The last product i will mention is Gor Tex. You may have heard of this before as this product is used in gloves and shoes, and other products as well. It is a synthetic product delivered to doctors in the form of strips that can be implanted in to the patients lips for a longer lasting result.

If you have any designs on having your lips altered, please consider three different medical opinions. All surgeries have dangers, so please be careful.


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