Led Light Expert Offers Super-Bright Motion Sensor Flood Lights

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San Diego, CA, April 7, 2018: LED lights are fast replacing old lights and fixtures of incandescent, fluorescent and CFL lights of standard variety. These come with the promise of superior illumination, cleaner light and high energy efficiency. LED Light Expert is an online LED light seller store that offers very bright Led Corn Bulb to customers at a very affordable price. To blanket the market and reach out more to the customers, this online seller has made its products available for online purchase from the retail giant, Amazon.

The LED lights are 20 watt in power, and can offer an illumination of 1,750 lumens. These produce light in a white color, and have a very wide motion sensor angle of 240 degrees. The lights have a very long lifespan of 20 years. These are devoid of toxic materials such as mercury or lead, which can pose harm to users. The lights are able to transform 90% of electricity into light energy. These can be perfect alternatives for regular metal halide fixtures that are perfect illuminant options for industrial, commercial and residential spaces.

The motion sensor ensures better security and visibility in the areas that these lights are set up in. The response time of the time is excellent, and there is no false motion detection. These can detect actual motion. There are no issues of light never switching off or any false alarms to disturb your peace. The sensor is very useful, and comes with adjustable controls – which make it easy for customers to operate these lights and customize it according to their convenience.

The lights have been rated independently by DLC. The light has a technologically advanced design, and it comes with the promise of extended lifespan and improved efficiency. The light can last for 50,000 hours in total, as it is made of components of premium grade. Customers can get these in two forms, Charcoal Black or White.

Buyers can install and adjust these lights easily. The sensors and light heads can be adjusted to a preferable angle. Consumers can install them with ease in basic wall junction boxes. These can easily be used, whether in a new fixture or in an old one. The wiring is Green to Green Striped, Blue to White and Brown to Black.

The ETL Listed lights are DLC (Design Lights Consortium) Verified, which ensures safety. These are eligible for discounts. These are offered with a warranty period of 5 years. The Motion Sensor Flood Lights are certified and are designed to last for a long time. The durability makes the illuminants a top choice for people who need budget solutions for lighting up their homes and other establishments. It is possible to get high value on the investment that is made on these types of lights.

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