Learn about the Causes and Right Course of Action for the PS3 Yellow Light of Death

There are many PS3 owners who have been through the dreaded YLOD; better known as the yellow light of death. This is also known as the red light of death or blinking red light simply because after switching the PS3 on, the green light will become yellow then it will turn red and will blink continuously. Once the YLOD happens, it is an indication that the console is malfunctioning. There are some possible reasons why this issue takes place, but there are two things that PS3 experts have identified as the primary culprit.

Broken Parts within the Console

The GPU or chipsets is connected to the motherboard with the use of solders. Once the PS3 is utilized for a long period of time, it tends to overheat. Because of the heat, it is likely for the solders to liquefy. They will only return to their solid state when the PS3 is turn off. This melting and re-solidification of the solders causes the hardware to break off from the motherboard. This is deemed as the most common cause of yellow light of death.

There is not Enough Supply of Power

Capacitors or diodes cannot resist an excessive heat, which is the reason why they not work properly in hot temperatures. Primarily, the device cannot work well since it doesn’t have enough power. Nevertheless, most experts agreed that this is a less common reason for PS3 blinking red light. For this reason, it’s just sensible for every gamer to learn the importance of proper cooling and ventilation of their own consoles.

PS3 Blinking Red Light – Figuring out What went Wrong

To rule out if the YLOD is caused either by power or hardware issues, you have to undergo many points. First, switch on the fan and listen if you can listen to the fans turning. Before turning on the console, ensure that is has cool downed already for you to have a precise evaluation. It certainly is a faulty power source if no sound of a running fan is heard from the inside. On the other hand, the cause will be a faulty motherboard when the fan switches on and then shuts off shortly.

Actions to Take to Fix YLOD

Almost all PS3 owners will immediately call the maintenance and repair employees of SONY or just purchase a new one when they see the light. On the other hand, buying a new PS3 would definitely cost you a lot. Then again, PS3 YLOD fix from Sony almost cost the same due to labor fees and shipment fees. The repair will take quite long; it takes about 3 weeks in average but six weeks for a more extensive repair. Nonetheless, you can choose these options if you’re able to afford it.

It may sound intricate but owners may do the repairs too. People who decide to keep their current console and presently in a tight budget will certainly find this option helpful. The PS3 YLOD repair could be completed for two hours when you do it appropriately. A seasoned PS3 repairman had given a downloadable guide on the net for fixing PS3 properly, so there’s no reason to worry. It’s easy for anyone to follow it because of the pictures provided with each steps. By this, time, effort, and money would be saved and the PS3 blinking red light will quickly be repaired.There are lots of means on how to deal with PS3 Ylod. However, the sole individual who possesses the power to decide is you. Just be true to yourself and do not go after a path which you’re not sure of. It only depends on you on when you will be prepared to go after a new plan of action. Make sure to go to ps3repair-guides.com, if you require assistance with PS3 Ylod. This article is copyright protected.


Author: Lichen Mathis