Learn about the Causes and Right Course of Action for the PS3 Blinking Red Light

Several PS3 owners already dealt with the feared YLOD or the yellow light of death. This is also called the red light of death or blinking red light mainly because after switching the PS3 on, the green light will become yellow then it will turn red and will blink continuously. When the YLOD takes place, that implies that the console is not functional and has malfunctioned. You might find many potential reasons on why it occurred. Nevertheless, PS3 experts pointed out two major causes.

Malfunction in the PS3’s Hardware

The GPU or chipsets are soldered to the console’s motherboard. It tends to overheat when the PS3 has been working for a very long time. Because of the heat, it’s likely for the solders to liquefy. They will just go back to their solid state when the PS3 is turn off. If the solders keeps on going through this procedure, it would make the motherboard and internal components to break their connection. This is the probably cause of PS3 YLOD.

The Power Supply is Insufficient

Overheating could also lead to capacitors and diodes to sustain damage. Since there is no adequate power, the components won’t operate properly. Nevertheless most professionals say that PS3 blinking red light won’t happen that much with this reason. Still, people who own PS3s should make sure that the console receives proper cooling while operating.

Ruling Out the Reason of PS3 Blinking Red Light

There are ways to determine whether a defective power source or a broken internal hardware is causing the YLOD. By turning on the console, you can try to listen for the sound that the fan inside will make. Be sure that the console has cool down before switching it on, otherwise evaluation will be hard. If no sound of fan is heard after switching the PS3 on, then the likely cause is faulty power source. Meanwhile, it’s malfunctioning motherboard if the fan inside functioned however stops all of a sudden.

Troubleshooting Methods for YLOD

A few PS3 owners send their PS3s to Sony for servicing, but people who cannot wait simply throws it away and obtain a new one. On the other hand, purchasing a new PS3 would definitely cost a lot. PS3 YLOD fix provided by Sony will be very expensive because of the shipment costs involved and the manpower needed to fix it. The repair will also take really long; it takes about three weeks in average nevertheless six weeks for a more extensive repair. Nevertheless, you can select these options if you can afford it.

However, PS3 owners can resolve YLOD doing the repair on their own. This is the best alternative for people who opt to keep their old console, and for individuals who don’t wish to spend excessively. What makes it great is that the PS3 YLOD repair will only take a few hours. Users don’t need to fret about repairing the unit by themselves as they can get an effective guide form the internet, which was posted by a PS3 repairman. It is a step-by-step guide that also has pictures, making it simple to follow. That way, the PS3 YLOD you’re dealing with won’t take most of your time and money.Hopefully you have come to understand a few things with regards to PS3 Blinking Red Light. Indeed, that is the chief reason why this article was made. Do not forget to check out ps3repair-guides.com if you need to learn more about PS3 Yellow Light Of Death . This article is copyright protected.