Lapis Lazuli Beads – Where and How To Buy?

Lapis lazuli beads are a type of gemstone that has become popular for its protective powers, as in other types of stones. Wearers of jewelry made from this stone believe that it can prevent any evil from harming them and the head of the household will be kept safe. The beads are also trusted to attract good fortune. These are also encouraged to be worn if you want to experience happiness, inner peace and tranquility in life.

Whether you believe in this or not, nevertheless you will agree that the beauty of lapis lazuli beads in any jewelry item is very eye-catching. These beads are available in many different sizes and shapes that include round, skinny, small chips and teardrops. Lapis lazuli beads have only one color, as the name implies, but it can be in various shades of blue. Many bead and hobby shops in most localities and on the internet are selling these gemstone beads.

If you are ready to make the shift from being a hobbyist to a professional beaded jewelry business woman, you will likely need lapis lazuli beads in greater quantities than when you were still working on it as a hobby. It is better for you to buy online, in bulk and at wholesale prices rather than pick the beads from a local hobby shop. Check the website of panda hall to see their variety of offered options. You might be able to save some dollars in your purchase from that store, as buying in bulk will entitle you to a great discount.

Many buyers of lapis lazuli beads found the panda hall site through their search on the internet. There are many other bead stores, so you can inquire with them also and then compare the prices and qualities of their beads with panda hall website. Look also into the shipping methods and return/refund policies of each store. This will allow you to determine the best store to deal with.

However, before you browse the bead store sites, make sure that you already know what shape and size of lapis lazuli beads you want to buy. Of course, it depends on the design that you have in mind. This will make it easy for you to find what you need. You might be asked to make a minimum order quantity by the wholesaler; however, the panda hall store does not have this requirement. Another way to save on your beads purchases is to purchase your beads at least every quarter, instead of buying a few strands or small packs every month. Planning is the key and you are guaranteed to save money and time on this method.

It is quite important that you register an account with panda hall or any site that you want to deal with. This will enable you to track your order of lapis lazuli beads in case you are wondering where it has gone. In any case, the store should be responsible enough to trace your order and inform you through email of its status. This type of service is important, so that the store will have repeat customers who are satisfied with their customer service.

 You can now buy high quality Lapis Lazuli beads from Panda hall at bargain prices.

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