31202La Plagne: A Snowy Paradise for Little Powder Hounds

For families with young children, there is no better place to go skiing in the Alps than La Plagne. A huge area, La Plagne is made up of 10 separate villages, all with great options for childcare, including 16 nurseries. There are also plenty of ski schools across the area, with ski gardens taking the very young ones below the age of 5 and schools for those aged 5 and above. Children can work their way through the French ESF classes, or choose from many great British ski schools with specialist native English instructors from back home. Either way, returning from a hard day on the snow, the whole family can expect specialist family-friendly accommodation and delightful hosts whichever village you stay in.

Great for Beginners and Intermediates

Beginners and early intermediates will find the slopes of La Plagne perfect for testing their newly learnt skills. There are plenty of slow, open pistes to tackle, great for building confidence. Also, on snowy days when the visibility is poor, those with less confidence and skill can find areas of better visibility between the trees.

Off the Slope Fun

Family ski holidays aren’t just about mastering the slopes. Learning the basics can be tough and the kids will need a break for some good old-fashioned fun before returning to the powder. Luckily, La Plagne has plenty of places for the family to enjoy.

Ice Grotto: Famous throughout the region, La Plagne’s ice grotto is full of magnificent works of icy art that everyone can enjoy. The grotto is located in a cave at the cop of the Plagne Bellecote glacier, almost 3½ kilometres up, and is lit by coloured natural light shining through the layers of glacial ice. At different times of the year the angle of the sun changes and so do the colours of the cave.

Cascade de Tyrolienne (Zipline): When high up in the Alps, ziplining is less an extreme sport and more an opportunity to look at the scenery. With 8 separate ziplines and a possible base jump to finish, this is a hair-raising afternoon of excitement.

Olympic Bobsleigh Run: Play the Olympian, or act out your favourite scene from Cool Runnings. Whichever you choose, discover that bobsleighing is just as fast and exhilarating as it looks.

Geocaching: You may have never heard of Geocaching despite its recent popularity around the world. The game involves finding treasure in hidden locations using GPS on your phone. Once you find then treasure, you replace it with something of your own. This simple concept leads to different adventures every time and a feeling of exploration that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Getting to La Plagne

Traveling with young children can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. To keep the young ones happy, it’s best to get to your accommodation as quickly as safely as possible. Shuttle Direct offers a transfer service straight to La Plagne from Geneva Airport. Ski transfers will take around 3 hours so it’s worth using a professional service with drivers who know where they are going! With Shuttle Direct, a fixed price is agreed before you get out there so no haggling on the runway. If you have extra ski equipment with you at Geneva airport, ski transfers with Shuttle Direct will bring it along too, free of charge.

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