Los Angeles, CA (May, 2019) – The acclaimed and successful independent financer/producer of over 20 movies, Kia Jam is again in news for his huge collaboration with Game of Thrones producer for an upcoming TV series named ‘Empress’. The super successful financier and producer has given many successful and some noticeable flicks to the world over the past two decades including Accidental Love, Devil’s Pass and Sin City – A Dame to Kill For. The CEO of K.Jam media has tasted success for over two decades with an impressive career graph. The successful producer has worked with big name sin the entertainment industry. Jam served Miramax Films, Xinhua and Relativity Media as a consultant.

Kia Jam’s journey as a film financier or producer found inception with a big dream and he successfully managed to produce dozens of independent movies and founded Ascendant Pictures and also worked as the C.O.O of the venture. Kia Jam was also the executive producer of the blockbuster flick Outlander. Kia Jam is a popular name on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Linked In and IMDB. His Profile can also be found on Miramax.com. The multi-talented personality is presently an esteemed member of American Producers Guild and serving as an important part of New China Media’s Advisory Board.

About Kia Jam
Kia Jam is a renowned film personality and independent movie financier and producer who has served the industry for over two decades providing many noticeable movies with big star casts.

To know more about Kia Jam, visit – http://www.miramax.com/profile/kia-jam/

Media Contact:
K.Jam Media Company
149 S Barrington Ave #255
Los Angeles, CA 90049 USA
Phone: (310) 828-6767
Fax: (310) 828-4141

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