Khaled AL Badie, Vice President of the ABG Group, Is Originating and Following Policies For Helping and Improving Trading Practices


Abu Dhabi, October 18, 2017 – The Vice President of the ABG or Al Badie Group of Companies in Dubai, Mr. Khaled AL Badie is originating and following new policies for helping and improving trading practices. He is ably supported and assisted by some extremely qualified professionals with the highest degrees of MBA and PhD under their belt.

Khaled Al Badie joined the ABG group from a very early phase of his career, and is now in the managerial level of the company. He has been an active player since the early days, and is now the VP of the group. He is one of the keys to the success of the team.

At present, he holds many important positions in ABG – including CEO & Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Chair of the Finance & Investment committee, Chair of the Projects Owners committee, Vice Chairman of Al Ain Al Ahlia Insurance Company, Managing Director of the South Trading Establishment, Managing Director of the North Property Management Establishment, Managing Director of Al Badie Travel Agency and more.

Mr. Khaled manages many important roles in the banking, private and financial investment sectors of Dubai. He is also developing new strategies to grow the realty business of ABG, and explore and expand into the property market in India as well. With years of experience in heading many important positions in different sectors in Abu Dhabi, and an active part in all his roles, Khaled Al Badie is in a position to offer the most qualified assistance when it comes to devising new strategies and ideas that can improve the existing trading practices.

About Khaled AL Badie:
Mr. Khaled AL Badie heads the highly reputed AL Badie Group (ABG) and holds many important positions in the private sector, financial investment sector and the banking sector in Dubai.

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